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Top 9 Profitable Zero Investment Business Online in India

In today’s world, having a business is crucial for survival. Many people want to start a business, but due to a lack of money, they give up on their dream of starting an online business. So, we are here to tell you that you can start a zero investment business online in India. There are various options available digitally that you can take advantage of and earn money without spending a single coin. As the world goes digital, the value and demand of online businesses also increase. 

For all the people who want to start a zero investment business online in India, we listed some options for them. zero investment business ideas in Mumbai and all over the India.

1) Dropshipping: 

Basically, dropshipping is a business model that allows you to sell products online without having or owning an e-commerce store. In the dropshipping business, you don’t need to have an inventory to store and process the products. 

In other words, dropshipping is a form of retail business in which a seller can take orders without keeping products in stock. They just need to contact an e-commerce business and take the products from there to deliver them to the right customer. 

Dropshipping businesses are an excellent example of the question “How to start a small business with zero investment”. Anyone who is willing to start an online business without spending a single penny can start a dropshipping business today. Now, the question is how to start this zero investment business online in India. Here we go to get the answer to this question.

To start a dropshipping business in India without spending a single penny, you need to have a deep knowledge of that business first. You must have a stable internet connection and a computer system; these two things are essential to managing the store and communicating with suppliers and customers. There are many e-commerce platforms, like Shopify, that allow users to start businesses for free and sell their products online.  

2) Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a networking business in which you promote someone else's products and services, sell them, and earn commissions. It is also a great option for starting a zero investment business online in India. 

Now, let’s discuss “How to start a small business with zero investment”. To start affiliate marketing with no money, get an affiliate link and start promoting and sharing that link with the people you know. You will get a commission whenever someone buys your services and products through your shared link. 

You can start an affiliate marketing zero investment business online in India; you just need to get an affiliate link through an affiliate marketer and promote their service and products on social media platforms through the affiliate link. When someone buys the service and products through your link, you will get the commission, and that is a good idea to earn money from home. 

3) Content Writing:

Starting content writing with zero investment can be a challenging task, but not impossible. If you have excellent writing skills, you can start writing for international as well as domestic clients and it is also one of the great zero investment business ideas in Mumbai. You just need to share your interests and skills to work as a content writer. If you have great skills, then no one can stop you from achieving success in the field of content writing. 

To start a content writing as zero investment business online in India, you have to find writing opportunities first. You can find the right and suitable opportunities on different platforms like Freelance, Facebook, indeed, etc. You must share your prior work in a portfolio on the online portals in order to be chosen by the clients. It is a great idea for how to start a small business with zero investment. You can earn good money by starting a content-writing business. 

4) Online Tutoring:

Online tutoring can be a great option for “how to start a small business with zero investment”. There are many online tutoring jobs available in the country that don’t look for investment. You can start an online tutoring business with zero investment business online in India. This is a great opportunity for skilled teachers who want to earn money without investing a single penny. 

Now we are going to tell you about starting this online tutoring business, or you can say “how to start a small business with zero investment”. Firstly, you have to register yourself on a free and reputed online tutoring site or platform. The task at hand now is to create the profile and upload it online, along with the required credentials in a particular subject. The profile must also include information about the subjects you will teach. 

5) Online Reselling:

E-commerce businesses are the most popular and demanded when it comes to starting a zero investment business online in India. An e-commerce business allows people to sell and buy products online. There are various e-commerce platforms that offer free service to resellers who are wondering “how to start a small business with zero investment”. 

To become an online reseller, you can search “how to become reseller on Meesho” or other e-commerce platforms. Selling products online doesn’t cost that much. There are many e-commerce platforms available that provide free services to small businesses as well as big businesses. To start your selling online business on such big and popular e-commerce stores as Amazon and Flipkart, you have to know “how to sell on Amazon and Flipkart”. 

6) Social Media Management:

Social media management is basically a task where you have to update and post content on your client’s account or on public accounts in order to promote them. By hosting a social media competition that specifically requests that participants produce content, you can promote user-generated content. For user contests, some businesses develop branded hashtags. Another choice is to merely request customers to use your brand's hashtags.

Social media management could be a great option for starting a zero investment business online in India. You have to look for clients who want to promote themselves or their services on social media platforms but don’t have enough time. You have to promote them or their services on their behalf on social media platforms so that more people can reach them. You can earn good money in the social media management business. By creating and managing your clients' social media accounts, publishing content, interacting with your followers, and managing your clients' advertising campaigns, you can provide social media management services to businesses.

7) Start a YouTube Channel:

Start a YouTube channel and create content on topics you are passionate about can be a great solution for starting a zero investment business online in India. Monetize your channel through advertising, brand partnerships, and sponsorships. YouTube is a platform that allows users to watch and upload content that interests them. YouTube is basically a platform that allows one to promote their work and earn money. 

Starting a YouTube channel is always a priority when it comes to “how to start a small business with zero investment”. There are many successful YouTubers who started their YouTube channel for free, and now they are earning much better money than one can imagine. Except for earning money, YouTube platforms also provide fame and popularity. You have to show your art and talent through your YouTube channel, through which more people can relate to you. You have to basically promote your talent and art on YouTube to earn money. 

8) Online survey taking:

Online survey jobs are one of the most popular part time jobs among students and it is a best option of zero investment business ideas in Mumbai. There are many websites that offer online survey jobs to students or people who want to earn money on a daily basis. Even though there are many websites that don’t charge you to register on them to start online survey jobs, start earning money today.  

This offers you a great chance to start a zero investment business online in India, especially for students who want to earn money during their studies. Online survey jobs are counted among the best part-time jobs globally. But now the question for online survey jobs is “how to start a small business with zero investment."  To start, you have to find a website that offers free registration and start earning by answering the questions. 

9) Graphic Design services:

There are many websites through which you can earn money by selling your skills, and one of the most demanded skills is graphic design. If you have related skills and experience as a graphic designer, you can earn money from home. This is an online business that you can start with zero investment in India. 

To start this graphic design service online, you have to look for a free website that doesn’t ask for money. You can start earning money by registering on those websites and looking for a client who needs you. You have to upload your portfolio, which shows your skills and work excellently. 

I have mentioned some of the online businesses that are the best zero investment business ideas in Mumbai and all over India. Those who are wondering and willing to start their online business but don’t have the money to invest can take help from our blog. Don’t bother about the investment and start earning today if you have the proper skills and knowledge. 

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